Sunday, September 17, 2006

Here is the swatch I made for Sock Wars! The colors of the photo don't really do it justice...colors look a little washed out here....I took the picture with my Sidekick 3 (which takes better pics than SK 2, but my digital camera is even better). I think this yarn will make some pretty socks....I normally use fingering weight for my personal socks because it is thinner and I live in a very hot place....but I like how this one turned out....if I move up north, I will have to knit up some socks with this kind of yarn! The swatching (done with dpns size 5 and of course done in the round) went pretty quickly! I hope the pattern goes just as fast so I can get them done and send them off asap! I won't get home Friday (the day we get our patterns) until around 6pm and I won't be home all day Satruday (Deaf day at Busch Gardens) so I hope I will be able to catch up on Saturday night and get some serious knitting done!!!

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Emma said...

I can't wait to get swatching on mine. i ordered the yarn from KnitPicks over a week ago and it still hasn't arrived. Hope it gets here before Friday!