Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pair of Jaywalkers!

I have finished my first pair of Jaywalkers. They were done in Spunky
Ecletic's Neopolitan colorway. I really enjoyed working with the yarn.
My sidekick picture really doesn't do justice to the gorgeous shades of
brown, pink and white in the socks.

I am starting my second pair of Jaywalkers (I love this pattern!) in
Koigu yarn I got from my hot socks swap. The yarn is all kinds of yummy
shades of of course I love it!

Going to my knitting group this evening....will have to blog about it


Anonymous said...

Lovely socks!
have you tried the popatomous (Can't spell it) socks from Knitty?
I'm planning on doing them sometime soon.
Why did you change your blog title?
Package should be with you this week......look out for it

Kelly said...

My old blog titel was boring....just something to give it a name until I came up with something better! Lol!

I haven't tried that pattern from Knitty....maybe one day I will....

Anonymous said...

I havent tried it either but its next on my list...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!