Monday, November 27, 2006

Secret Pal Package!

I received a package from my secret pal today! Imagine my surprise to
see it came all the way here from Ireland! I have always wanted to visit
Ireland since there is some Irish way back in my family! One day I will
get there...

So on to the contents! My pal sent me a skein of Regia sock yarn with
beautiful colors including green, blue, a deep red and a deep orange!
Also included was a cute little notebook which I can use to take notes
on my socks-in-progress and a canvas book bag that is the perfect size
for carrying sock projects to knitting groups or elsewhere. Its got all
my favorite colors on it including a lime green! And finally, I received
some Cadbury hot chocolate mix and several yummy looking chocolates!

Thank you to my secret pal for such a thoughtful package! I love

Sorry for the bad picture....I used my sidekick 3 which takes better
pics than my 2, but not as good as my digital camera! And the background
is my dining room table all decorated for the holidays!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it got to you safely, I was starting to worry!
Hope you enjoy all!!
Your SP

Shelby said...

Awesome package!! I am having fun seeing what you guys are getting!