Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 in Review

Age you turned: 31
Did you grow?: Emotionally
School/Work: School District of Hillsborough County, Sorenson
IM Screen name(s): I'm not posting it here...email me if you want it!
Best birthday gift: I didn't get a birthday gift this year....boo hoo!
Best Christmas/holiday gift: Animaniacs on DVD
Most important thing you learned: Things will happen in their own time...
Did your physical appearance change?: My hair - growing it out and highlights
Did you, personally change?: In some ways....letting go of friends who drain me...
Best month(s): December
Worst month(s): September

Best friend(s): Kim C, Kim P
New friend(s): Marti, Sandy, Melissa, Kate, Sheila
Lose any friends?: yes
Lose any family members?: no
Any new family members?: no
Most influential person(s): There are too many to choose

Have any crushes?: no
How many relationships?: one, my husband!
Longest relationship: my hubby - John
Shortest relationship: n/a
Did you have your heart broken?: yes, by a friend
Status now: married
Status you want(ed) to be: married
Have any regrets: no
Did you fall in love?: I've been in love for a long time!
How many people did you kiss this past year? one...my hubby
Who was the first person you kissed this past year? John
Who was the last person you kissed this past year? John

Did you party?: no
Did you throw any parties?: no
Vacations: only to see family within Florida
Best spring event: Spring Break
Best summer event: Silent Weekend
Best autumn event: Thanksgiving
Ever sneak out?: no

Plans for the new year?: Start a family, get my CI or NIC certification
Hopes for the new year?: A baby, moving to Virginia or Maryland
Anything you're putting behind you?: 2006
Age you will turn: 32...very soon!
Any big changes taking place?: see my plans and hopes!
Going anywhere?: no idea

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tangelled angel said...

Happy New Year to you Kelly!
Hope its a good one for you,
Your Secret Pal