Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Birthday Reflections....a few days late

Birthday Present
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I had a nice birthday this year....pretty quiet...not a lot of hype. It was a good change. I got up, went to church, then I went to my knitting group at Panera (thanks for the chocolate cake Sandy!). When I got home, my husband had called a few friends and got them to come over and surprise me! We ate cake and chatted. It's nice to have friends who are couples in our age group (without children)....

This picture is the potpourri ball that my student gave me for my birthday....

I hope this year (32) is a good one!


Sandy said...

I am glad you had a good birthday!

Jamie said...

Well happy birthday secret pal :-)
Your package arrived last week...sorry for the delay...life once again got in the way. Did you make the notecards? I have used almost all of them already.

Keep in touch!

tangelled angel said...

Happy birthday!!
Hope you had a great day and that my card arrived in time. Now go and eat more cake! Its allowed if its your birthday!