Sunday, February 04, 2007


Just got home from Spamalot! What a great show! I went with a dear friend of mine and we laughed and laughed! They even had a Spam-mobile out in front of the theatre giving away free samples....I didn't eat it, but Craig did! Yeeccch! But the show was awesome....and we are getting some great shows over the next year....including Wicked, The Producers, The Lion King, Jersey Boys and more!

I miss musical theatre so much! I really regret that I am not currently performing and I need to remedy that! It is so much fun and so very rewarding!

Off to watch the Superbowl with hubby (he will be watching and I will be knitting socks, of course)....

"Bring out your dead!"

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tangelled angel said...

Sounds like fun!!
I'm a bit worried that you haven't received your last package yet. Will you let me know when you get it?
Your SP