Saturday, March 31, 2007

"I think meat went up my nose..." or Our Yarn Crawl to Leesburg, Florida

So my knitting buddy Sandy and I decided to go on a Yarn Crawl to Chez Casuelle in Leesburg today. We had many adventures all day long....

It all started when we were on the highway sitting in traffic and we spotted a car off the side of the road and a teenage boy running around a field of cows to our right. Sandy said, "I think he dropped something." Sure enough, he did drop something...his pants....yes, about 30 minutes into our trip, and we had already seen bare bottom....mooning in the middle of the morning. We knew we weren't in the big city anymore.

Due to the traffic, the car ride which should have taken 1 1/2 hours, took us over 2 hours! Sandy's butt was numb (a chronic issue) by the time we arrived at the gas station to go potty and get something to drink. I have an issue with gas station bathrooms, but Sandy assured me that this one was fine. The restroom was inside and I entered the room marked women. To my surprise, it was a rather large room with a sink and not 1, but 2 toilets (not in stalls, but in the middle of the room). I quickly locked the door. Sandy said I should have taken a picture...but that would have been even weirder....

The whole way to the store, we kept seeing signs for the Russell Stover Outlet...which led to a lively discussion about what outlet chocolate is....has it been sampled? Are those really raisins in that? Is it turning white like old chocolate? We decided not to stop and find out answers to these questions...maybe next time!

We got to Chez Casuelle

Chez Casuelle

which has lots of yarns that we don't have at our LYS. I bought some Colinette Jitterbug, Schaefer Anne, and 2 Malabrigo hanks (plus some yarn for my secret pal...shhh).

New stash

I saw the hideous orange sweater .....and piles of patterns for the hideous orange sweater....

So before we left, there was another shopper in the store and I touched the lacey lamb yarn she was going to buy (it was so soft!) and she slapped my hand with a skein of Twisted Sisters sock yarn! How very rude!

Driving around downtown....we saw many nudey places. There was a "The Way Cafe" (a Christian restaurant) right across from a woman's lingerie shop. We saw lots of small cafe's....Sweet Treats, Sweet Tea's and Sweets and Treats...all in a row within 2 blocks of each other...perhaps if there is more time on our next trip, we will explore these places closer.

We went to eat at Cracker Barrel and had to turn onto this road to get to the restaurant

Cracker Xing

Imagine our surprise to see sock blockers on the wall near our table! What a coincidence for 2 knitters on a yarn crawl!

Sock Blockers

We also saw a pick-up truck in the parking lot with "Just Married" written on the windows. I guess Cracker Barrel is a hip place to go on one's honeymoon in this part of Florida...

During our lunch of cheeseburger (Sandy) and Pork BBQ sandwich (me), we laughed so hard that at one point Sandy exclained "I think some meat went up my nose!"

We shopped in the store inside the restaurant and Sandy bought rock candy. She gave me one because I had never had it before. It really just tasted like pink and discernable flavor...but it was good!

Rock Candy

I bought some Lightning Bug Gummy Candy with magic tongs that cause the candy to light up. More pictures on Flickr....

Lightning Bug Gummy Candy

So Sandy and I also found out we are now co-moderators of the Tampa Bay Knit and Crochet Yahoo Group (link on the right). Yaay!

All in all, it was a very fun day! Hope we can do it again soon!


Jamie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun was had by both of you. Nothing like a road trip with a friend.

Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said...

That orange sweater is.... hang on..... *gag*.

I'm a little disturbed by light up candy. But I'm curious - how did it taste?