Thursday, April 12, 2007

Secret Pal 10 package!

Secret Pal 10 Package #1

Imagine my surprise to come home to this package! Everything is so nice and again I have a wonderful secret pal! My pal used some pretty green flowery wrapping paper and also some green bags with wizard of oz stickers holding them closed. I received some Opal sock yarn, a Starbucks card (woohoo coffee!!! Caramel Macchiato, here I come!), some scrapbook supplies, a sheep magnet, some easter chicks, a stuffed bunny (wearing green of course), and some chocolate! Also there was a sheep card with a cute note written inside! Thanks secret pal....whoever you are!!

Secret Pal 10 Package #1

Secret Pal 10 Package #1


Phoebe said...

Love to join you for knitting...e-mail me at with the details...I have 3 other knitting buddies that I'm sure would love to come along.

amanda j said...

Hi Kelly! My letter arrived! I will be writing back tonight!!

Yarn Thing said...

This Secret Pal thing looks great! I have to get in on it next year!