Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shrek and Pirates!

So we are leaving the theatre after seeing Shrek the Third (a cute movie
by the way)...and the theatre is overrun with pirates! I think all of
the Gasparilla Pirates have come here in full regalia for the movie.
John even scored some beads and a temporary tattoo on the way out!

Also wanted to give a big shoutout to my new friends on Skype (my Skype name is Purlygirl75)- Marly from Yarn Thing, Stephanie from SSK Podcast, Theresa from Knitting Time
Together, Cici and Teri! I enjoyed chatting with you all last night!
Let's do it again sometime soon!


Teri said...

It was great chatting with you too! Hope to do it again soon!

amanda j said...

I should get myself onto that newfangled Skype thing!

Glad you enjoyed Shrek. I am posting your letter tomorrow!!

Yarn Thing said...

I had a blast talking to you too!

Keep Swatching!