Friday, June 01, 2007

It's June!

This year is just flying by! I didn't realize that my penpal Amanda had tagged me with the 7 random things post! So here goes:

1. I grew up in the Baltimore/Washington area.

2. I was very resistant to moving to Florida (and I still don't like it), but my mother told me there had to be a reason for our move and maybe that reason would be that I would meet a decent man. Sure enough, we moved here in December 1995 and I met my husband in January 1996!

3. I am an only child and feel very lucky. I know if my parents had more kids, I wouldn't have been able to be involved in as many extra-curricular activities when I was growing up.

4. I have always loved crafts and anything artistic. I used to do a lot of cross-stitch and basically anything that could be considered craft-y. And I am good at making balloon animals!

5. From 4th grade to a few years ago, I was very involved in puppetry and I own 2 "real" puppets that I pull out once in a while.

6. Before I became a sign language interpreter, I majored in Music Theatre in college and later worked in the insurance industry for about 6 years.

7. When I was a Senior in high school, I was in a show called "Pamphlets" (a musical with a message that was anti-drugs, alcohol, etc) and it aired on our local Cable Access Channel for 2 or 3 years, plus we performed at all the area high schools. My character was the stressed-out nerdy girl who hung out with all the "bad crowd." I would get recognized at the mall!

So that's it! Pretty scary! And now I tag Sandy, Sheila, Leslie, Phoebe, Cindy and FiredupFairy


amanda j said...

Great answers. Sorry I didn't let you know about the tag!

What are 'real' puppets?

Sandy said...

I have now seen the show "Pamphlets" and it was pretty interesting. I still am wondering why you hung around all the dancing, sing, drug using, alcohol abusing, chain smoking, pregnant teens? LOL

Craftybernie said...

Hi there, Thanks for joining the Knit1blogtoo Netring. I'm just adding you to the members now. You should be receiving an invite to join the team blog in the coming days (or weeks!), and although it's not compulsory, you are welcome to join. It's handy for posting blogging related questions and tips, and of course to introduce yourself when you can.

In the meantime, please ensure you are familiar with the rules and guidelines, and I hope you find the ring helpful.


Best wishes...bernie