Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Big Post and Winners!

I've been away with the computer due to storms, Harry Potter (which without interruptions took me about 5 hours to read it and I loved it...no spoilers here!) and Wii! Plus I've gotten a little knitting done too! But I am off for 3 weeks before I go back to work, so I should get more socks done (must work on the ever-growing stash before it takes over the house!) and more blogging too!

So here's the update (yes I'm gonna make the contest winners wait until the bottom of the post!):

I finished the Clapotis with the idea I ripped off from Julie in our knitting group!


I went to knitting on Wednesday nite and called Robyn to ask her to save me a seat and this is what I found when I got there:

My spot!

We went to get our Harry Potter books! I figured it was my last chance to stand in line waiting for it so I gathered some friends from knitting and we wandered around Barnes and Noble knitting.

Here I am working on the Gryffindor sock:

Me knitting

Here is Eileen working on a cute summer top for her daughter:

Eileen knitting

Here is Sandy wearing and knitting the Clapotis in Lilac Microspun (she copied Julie too...just not the same color):

Sandy knitting

Here are our wristbands (Sandy and I had pre-ordered, so Eileen was in another line):


Here is where we stood in line:

Our meeting place

Here is my book with the little tassel (that has 72107 on it) and my glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter glasses we got at the event:

The Book!

On Sunday, we had our regular knitting group and Sandy tell us anything to us without drawing a picture to accompany the story.

Sandy drawing

So I guess that's it!

Oh, wait! The contest!

The first person with a correct response was Robyn! I will give you the yarn in person next time I see you!

I used the random number generator to come up with the winner of the drawing and that is Katie ! Please email me with your address so I can ship out your prize!

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RobynR said...

Oh good Lord. I'm coming over to your place today ;) I can't wait until ummmmm, the middle of August!
We got our copy of Potter at Walmart on Saturday afternoon and I too finished it in about 5 hours. Holy geeze batman.