Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Huge Post! and a Contest!

Where to begin? I have been very busy back at Summer School. Most of my free time has been spent working on my Clapotis...which should be done in the next few days! I am addicted!

I finished my Socapalooza Socks using Scarlet Fleece yarn in Kiwi and a Twin Rib pattern.

Sockapalooza socks

Here is a picture of some fireworks on the Fourth of July.


We went to 7-11 and bought Squishees and Krusty-O's (which are basically Froot Loops).

Squishee cup


I met up with Robyn, Valerie and Alyson recently (Phoebe and Chris are not pictured). Speaking of Robyn, I tried the Canadian Oreos. They were ok...I still like the American version better!

Knitting meeting

Also! I finished my Larger than Life Bag complete with lining....here is a picture:

Larger than Life Bag

John went to see Transformers. Here he is demonstrating the transformation from vehicle to robot.

John about to Transform

John Transformed

Sandy and I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! We wore our Horcrux socks!It was great and we can't wait to go to the party on Friday night for the book release! We will be there in our socks with our knitting!

Our Horcrux socks

Speaking of Harry Potter, here is the headline from a local free newspaper:

HP headline

That's about it for now....tomorrow is my Blogiversary and I have a doctor appointment, so I might not post (depends on the results I get), but I am running a contest! In what city was I born?


1. an independent city in the U.S. Commonwealth of Virginia
2. bounded on the north and east by the Rappahannock River; across the river is Stafford County; and is bounded on the south and west by Spotsylvania County.
3. daily newspaper is the Free Lance-Star

Email the answer to purlygirl75 at gmail dot com. I will be giving away some sock yarn...one to the first person with a correct answer and one to the person whose name is pulled from a hat! Deadline is July 22 at noon (EST).

And finally, a pic of Buster!



Knitted Gems said...

I LOVE your crocheted bag. The colors are so bright and eye-catching. The fabric inside just sends the whole bag over the edge for me. Golly, let me go wipe up my drool.

Love the pic of Buster too! He's a Golden, isn't he? The floppy ears always gives their breed away, I think. I have a 4-year-old that I spoil rotten.

Joy Lang said...
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Joy Lang said...

I love your golden. My Mom and Dad have a golden and they are wonderful dogs.

Lisa said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Lotusknits said...

Happy Happy Happy Blogiversary!