Saturday, July 14, 2007

A "Wii" Rant...

So after Harry Potter, John and went to the loval BJ's Wholesale Club to buy a few things. We saw they had Wii on display for $399.99 including extra controllers and 2 more games, so we got the paper to fill out and take to the cashier. We asked the cashier if they had any and she handed the paper off to another employee and started ringing up our other items. Then she told us the total and I said did you find out if there are any Wii's? She asked the lady who said yes we have 1 listed in the computer so I said "We'll take it!". So she rang up the Wii and we paid. She told us to go pick it up at member services and we were informed that they don't have any Wii's for sale, just a display (in a sealed box) and it's not for sale. So I spoke to a manager and said well the cashier sold it to me and said there is 1 in stock. The manager said well, it's the display and you can't have that one (I would understand if it were out of the box, but it was in a sealed box in a glass display case and we are talking about a pricey purchase here). She had the member service person refund our money back on our card (and that transaction isn't showing up on our bank account online I will have to keep an eye on it to make sure we get our money back...we have the receipts and return credit receipt too). Then she said "we are getting in 12 this week...we don't know when...we usually get 3 trucks a week and they could be on any of them so here is our number and you can call us everyday to find out if we have any. If we have them, we will reserve 1 for you." I said if they are coming in this week, can't you go ahead and reserve 1 for me and she said no, you have to call when we have them here to reserve one. So now I have to waste my time everyday trying to get one. I guess I will call in the mornings and afternoons cuz she didn't know what time the trucks get there, let alone which days. And I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday so I can't get to the store that day!

Whatever happened to good customer service?

This sucks!

But.....we bought one from are in stock and will be delievered between this Thursday and next was $100 more, but includes 5 games (3 of our choice) and 3 controllers and 2 nunchucks, and 1 classic controller....Woohoo!


RobynR said...

but did you like the oreos?

Lotusknits said...

So sorry you had a terrible time with the Wii situation.

Did you love the Harry Potter movie? Hope you had a great time.