Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kelly likes to...

I saw this on another blog. Basically you go to Google and type in "Kelly likes to" (although you use your own name and include the quotation marks) and you paste the 1st 10 things that show up. So here goes:

1. Kelly likes to wear green unitards.

2. Kelly likes to steal bikes from random kids.

3. Kelly likes to draw.

4. Kelly likes to open the book of Proverbs and share its practical advice with others.

5. Kelly likes "to talk" and she has a rather loud voice for ragdoll.

6. Kelly likes to stretch phrases, alter times, sing on the off beat, or ahead of said beat.

7. Kelly likes to stay very low-key with these types of events.

8. After class, if a door is open to a studio where a rehearsal is going on, Kelly likes to peek in the doorway--it's a doorway she is working hard to enter.

9. Kelly likes to run a motion offense, which constantly keeps players setting screens and moving the ball around the court.

10. For fun, Kelly likes to paint, sing and dance.

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