Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jinkies! Zoinks! Rrooby Roo!

Last night, our knitting group of friends had a Halloween party at Robyn's house. The majority of us were in costume. I didn't take too many pics, but a fun time was had by all!

Me, John and Bairu (Robyn's dog...I think that's how you spell it?) as Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo...with Robyn in the background

Me and John

Sandy and Josh

Sandy and Josh

Oh no! I didn't get a picture of Eileen and her family!

My newest project is to get a pair of jaywalkers done for Halloween...will keep you updated on that! I am using yarn I got from LoveSticks on etsy. She sent me the 2 colors I ordered (Trick or Treat and Count Sockula...both are self-striping) and a hand-stamped thank you card, a candy stick and a cute little rubber ducky mummy keychain! What an awesome yarn dyer!

New Stash


RobynR said...

Good God I look scary lurking in the dark with my large moustache and so on!

amanda j said...

You two look fantastic! What a great idea for costumes. We don't really celebrate Halloween unfortunately.