Saturday, February 09, 2008

Would you like your money back?

Last night Sandy came over to hang out. We decided to go get food and then watch a movie. Sandy suggested we go to Boston Market (it's right around the corner from us. I don't go there often, and last night showed me again why I am not a frequest patron.)

John, Sandy and I walked in and made our decisions of what to order. John and I approached the counter and said we wanted to order our food "to go." John told and gestured to the lady that he wanted the 3 piece dark chicken meal. She looked around giggling and asked if he wanted the 2 piece white turkey meal. I stepped in and told her he said 3 piece dark chicken. She said since they didn't have any lids for the regular plates, she had to use a red kids meal plate. Then he ordered his 2 sides, mashed potatoes (with gravy on the side...which I had to explain to her) and spinach. She got his cornbread and then asked if we needed anything else.

I ordered the Boston Carver Combo with Chicken. I asked her what is on the sandwich, and she had to ask another guy working there. He said lettuce, honey dijon, cheddar and tomatoes. I stated that I didn't want tomatoes.

Guy: Half or whole?

Me: Whole

Guy: White or Wheat?

Me: Wheat

Guy: Half or Whole?

Me: Whole

Then I ordered my red potatoes. Then there was a debate between counter girl and food guy about if my combo included cornbread (it's not supposed to, but they gave it to me anyway). Meanwhile John's food was near the cashier (a young girl) and my potatoes were set next to it. She asked me if he ordered the meal with an extra side and I said no the potatoes went with my combo. She rang everything up.

Cashier: Do you want drinks?

Me: Does my combo include a drink?

Cashier: No

Me: Ok we'll take 2 drinks.

We paid and Sandy got her food to the cashier and was in the process of paying when John looked at out receipt. My combo did include a drink and then we were charged for 2 drinks.

Me: Excuse me, but my combo came with a drink and then we were charged for 2 more drinks.

Cashier: So would you like your money back?

Me: Ummm, yeah.

During this time, the cashier messed up Sandy's change back and when Sandy told her that her change was $2.81 short. The cashier replied: I am bad at math.

Finally, we got our food and all the money straightened out. We were afraid to ask for plasticware since they probably wouldn't have understood what we needed. We brought the food home and ate (at least it was tasty). Then we watched Noises Off (one of my fave movies) and Sandy cast on for her sweater...

All right, I have posted this long description of our evening, and now I know Sandy will just link her post to this one! HAHA!

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Alyson said...


"Would you like your money back?"


"Gee, no, I just like the smug sense of satisfaction I get from pointing out the faults of others. Oh, and I like not getting overcharged. Money, please."

(I LOVE Noises Off!! It seems like no one's ever heard of it outside of the theatre community, and it's such a shame. That was my favourite show I ever ever did.)