Friday, April 11, 2008

Late to the party...

So something my knitting group knows about me is that I am scared of the toe-up sock...until now! I saw this video by Cat Bordhi on a blog and this cast on is amazing!

OH, and the Pomatomus socks are done!!!!



Pomatomus up close


Pomatomus Socks
Addis Turbo US 1
Socks That Rock Lightweight: Flower Power


Kris said...

Those are beautiful. I have tried to knit those a few times and I am embarrassed to tell you the number of failed attempts I have to my name. Since you actually got them all knit up so pretty you are officially my hero! :-)

NotScarlett Sarah said...

These are GORGEOUS! I have total sock envy now!

a blossom knits said...

The socks are very pretty! Thanks for the video too . . now I see that I was doing the "brunette" portion incorrectly! I've actually downloaded this and will refer to it often.