Friday, June 27, 2008

The best swap package EVER!

Yesterday I received my swap package. This was a Doctor Who Jelly Baby swap done on Ravelry in the Who Knits group. The idea was for those Who fans over the pond to send out some of The Doctor's fave candy to fans in US and we, in turn would send them some American candies. Also, we could include yarn and other goodies as we saw fit. I sent out my pal's package this week and can't wait to hear back from her when she gets the candy and yarn I sent.

Anyway, my pal (who sent stuff to me) is Mandy . She truly spoiled me with all sorts of wonderful goodies!

Here is a photo of everything together:

Doctor Who swap package

Jelly Babies (which I will try soon), BFL sock yarn from Wild Fire Fibres, some cute notepads and even cuter stitchmarkers, Cadbury Fudge, other mint chocolates, wool fat soap and an article about Doctor Who from a magazine.

Here are close-ups of the 2 coolest things in the package:

A Dalek Cookie Kit. Once I make these, I will have to post pictures and a review!

Dalek cookie kit!!

And a Sonic Screwdriver!!!

Sonic Screwdriver!!!

Thank you so much for this awesome swap!!!


cecily said...

this is me, delurking.

i am SO jealous of that sonic screwdriver! :D

IrishgirlieKnits said...

What a fabulous swap package!! Oh, those yummy Cadbury treats! THey are so much better from the UK!

bobbins said...

WOW!!! what a great surprise package! Dalek cookies....and I can see why you are so excited about the sonic screwdriver. Great indispensable tool.

CTJen said...

dude, that is SO AWESOME!! I love jelly babies. :-D