Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Here it is! My new car!

The front of my new car

We decided to trade in our 1996 Ford Taurus for a 2008 Ford Focus over the weekend. We picked up the new car on Monday...the only one they had was red, but it's a pretty red. The dealer had put on these "Focus Sport" stripes...which I didn't like!

My car with sporty stripes

So in order to make the sale, they took them off for me! I took it in yesterday for the removal and they detailed the car too!

Here it is today, looking much better!

My new Ford Focus


firedupfairy said...

great car, congrats!!
hey, do you live in Lake Carlton Arms? I can't help but think that you're pictures look like my neighborhood! You could be w/in walking distance!

CTJen said...

ooh, cute!

Lotusknits said...

very cool, congrats!