Friday, October 17, 2008

A Close Call

Today was a Professional Study Day at work and since there wasn't much for me to do, I took the day off. I decided to get ready for a yard sale (in Eileen's neighborhood) which is tomorrow.

I was working in the guest room when I looked at the top of my wooden bookcases and thought about selling some of the stuffed animals I have up there. I have 2 bookcases that my late Granddaddy built for me when I was little. They are solid wood and about 6 feet tall. I am 5'4". As I tried to reach the top of the bookcase, I lost my balance. I stupidly reached out to grab the first thing I could to stop myself from guessed it! I grabbed the bookcase! As I fell on my rear, the bookcase started leaning forward and everything that was on the shelves fell on me. Luckily, I was able to push the case back upright before it squished me!

What a day!
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