Monday, November 03, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 3

After suffering a severe case of the "Mondays" today, I had to run some errands after work. I am hosting a Tupperware party on Thursday night, so I needed to get some snacks and sodas for it. Could there have been more people in the SuperWalmart today at 3:30pm? I don't think so!

I also stopped for gas ($2.27/gallon!) and ran into Joann Fabrics for yarn. I ordered some adorable amigurumi patterns from Owlishly on etsy and I can't wait to work on them, so I needed cheap-o acrylic yarn.

Tomorrow is the election, and I am going to keep this blog as politic-free as I possibly can. I am, however, going to stop by Starbucks for my free cup of coffee (everyone who voted can get one!) after work so I can be awake enough to watch the results on TV.

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