Friday, December 05, 2008

The Dynamo of Volition

Last night, John and I went to see Jason Mraz at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. What an awesome show. John and I snapped some shots (he used his Blackberry and I used my camera), but it was rather dark and hard to get good pics.

Here is Anya Marina (the opening act). She was wonderful and now I want to get her cd!

Anya Marina

Next up was a robotic Santa that was dressed up to look like the percussionist Toca Rivera.


Here's John:

John at the concert

Here are some shots of Jason Mraz:

Jason Mraz 4

Jason Mraz 3

From our seats not zoomed in

Jason Mraz 1

The screens that made up the backdrop were cool. Audience members could take pics and send them via text message so they could be shown onstage!

At the end of the concert, Jason took out a polaroid camera and took photos of the individual band members and flung the pics out into the audience. We didn't get any.

After the show, we went to the stage door. We got to meet Toca Rivera and John took a pic of him holding my sock-in-progress. He thought it was a pretty weird request!

Toca with Sock

Then Jason Mraz came out. John was able to take a few pics, but no sock picture. I also didn't get to give him the hat I knit due to the crazy rude teenage girls in front of us! He said hi and went to another part of the fence. They started saying "Oh he better come back over here and give us autographs and let us get a picture!" I am sure he heard them, because right after that, he started to leave. I was able to get his attention long enough to get in a hello and he asked my name and said Hey Kelly! Then he explained that he really had to get going! Damn those stupid teenagers!

Jason Mraz

For those of you interested, here is the setlist (complete with some videos I found of the performance on YouTube).

Make It Mine
The Remedy w/ In the Future Rap and Wonderwall singalong

Who Needs Shelter
If It Kills Me

Life is Wonderful

After an Afternoon

Beautiful Mess

Live High

Dynamo of Volition
I'm Yours w/Three Little Birds

Lucky (duet with Anya)

Build Me Up Buttercup

No Stopping Us

I am also hoping to find some really good pictures on the Jason Mraz forum!


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