Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After knitting at Panera on Sunday, I went up to the counter to purchase some bagels for this week. Here is the actual conversation I had with the Panera Employee (PE)at about 8pm:

Me: I'd like a half-dozen bagels.

PE: A half-dozen.....hmmm....so that's 6?

ME: Yes. I would like 3 Cinnamon Crunch and 3 Gingerbread. And I would like them sliced.

PE: Ok. Would you like any whipped cream?

Me: Ummm....

PE: I mean, you know....uhhh....sour cream?

Me: You mean cream cheese? No thank you.

PE: Ok. You said you wanted them sliced, right?

Me: Yes.

PE: Would you like them toasted?

Me: No thank you.

PE: Ok. Are these for here or to go?

Me: To go.

Just makes me wonder...was she having a rough night, or do people actually order 6 bagels to eat them all in the restaurant? Do they top bagels with whipped cream or sour cream? And why would I want them toasted if I was going to bring them home?


Trillian42 said...

Well, she *could* have thought you were ordering them for other people who were already seated, but yeah... I'm going to guess someone was in a bit of a fog. :D

Nell said...

Maybe she's just had a very long shift. Slingin' bagels ain't easy!

Mandy said...

Bagels and whipped cream...all kinds of wrong there!

Michelle said...

It sounds like the consequence of showing up to work after a night of heavy drinking.